Roofing and gutter supplying - Building integrated photovoltaic system

Building Envelopes

Cladding panels of the building envelope with the system of ventilated facades, internal and external.

Snap-in cladding panels with concealed fasteners, produced in light alloy, ideal for renovating building envelopes, ventilated façades, insulation cladding, ceilings and pitched roofs.

A straight-forward system for quick, safe installation without foregoing superb, precision fitting, ensured by the technologies used and not by human factors — the attention and forbearance of on-site operators.

The use of this ventilated façade system — with or without the integrated insulation cladding — reduces the energy and resources needed to achieve high performance living spaces. Innovative materials and technologies ensure that the performance and aesthetics are maintained in time, without requiring any special maintenance.

Thanks to the exclusive WindWall Revolution system, the snap-in panels with concealed fasteners can be removed, replaced and inspected individually, ensuring utmost freedom to create Walls, Ceilings and even Pitched roofs with unique compositions and textures. Sustainable and 100% Recyclable, Fire resistance Class A1.

  • Maintenance, inspection and replacement thanks to the patented WWREVOLUTION system
  • Fast, precise and safe
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Self-cleaning, inclined profile
  • Higher capacity securing and freedom for thermal expansion
  • 100% Recyclable and sustainable
  • NO thermal transmittance
  • 3 models – modular for utmost creative freedom
  • A full range of customizable accessories
  • Fire resistance Class A1
  • System covered and guaranteed by European ETA Certification