Roofing and gutter supplying - Building integrated photovoltaic system

Exey is the sole partner of KJG in italy

KJG produces high quality gutters and roof accessories

KJG is one of the leading producers of gutters and roof coverings in Slovakia. The company works forty thousand tons of raw materials every year.

These materials include natural and painted galvanised steel, natural and painted aluminium, copper and sheet metal in stainless steel. The time required to transform the raw materials into finished products is approximately ten working days.

KJG a.s. is a multi-metal company which uses high quality processing materials. Its portfolio avails of seven basic materials and painted metal sheets in more than forty colours.

The suppliers of these exclusive materials are European companies that fulfil all the standards. This guarantees high quality raw materials, a prerequisite for the remarkable quality standards of KJG a.s.

Besides the production of KJG branded gutters and lightweight roof coverings, the company focuses on other business activities and the sale of metallurgical materials, roof accessories, machinery and tools of foreign producers, as well as professional consulting services for clients.

The production unit produces 5000 products in high quality sheet metal and the sales unit offers 5000 single items such as materials, tools, accessories, fastening devices and machinery.