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The exclusive suppliers of materials are European companies that are all standard-compliant. This guarantees high quality raw materials and is a prerequisite for the high quality standards offered by Exey.


Copper is resistant to weathering and atmospheric agents. It has been used since ancient times because it can be worked either hot or cold.

The history of copper in architecture can be linked to its durability, thanks above all to the protective coating on its surface, its corrosion resistance, low maintenance, workability and prestigious appearance.

In the last twenty-five years, copper has been used in a vast range of buildings, incorporating new styles and range of colours. Walls clad in copper give a modern touch both indoors and outdoors

Natural copper is best known for its appearance, ranging from a brilliant metallic colour, to iridescent brown, to almost black and finally to a greenish layer.

Copper alloys are also available in a range of colours that include bronze, brass and gold.


Aluminium is a light but sturdy, flexible, versatile and easy to work metal.

It is ecological, 100% recyclable, with low maintenance costs.

Aluminium is widely used for roofing and external cladding because it is easy to find and can cover large spaces at a low cost.

Being a painted or coated product, aluminium is available in numerous RAL colours to meet the most diverse architectural needs.


Zinc-Titanium is a prestigious material composed of a Zinc-Copper-Titanium alloy. Copper gives resistance to traction, while Titanium increases resistance to deformation.

Zinc –Titanium guarantees an elevated quality and durability over time.

Zinc-Titanium naturally develops a thin protective layer (zinc carbonate) called patina when exposed to atmospheric agents, humidity and carbon dioxide. The patina develops resistance to atmospheric agents and to corrosion, ensuring longevity.

The natural appearance of metal gradually loses its metallic shine until it becomes an attractive opaque grey colour.

Pre-coated Zinc-Titanium is produced with a non-polluting phosphate treatment that gives the same appearance obtained after several years of exposure to natural elements, though maintaining the initial alloy properties of the components and providing additional corrosion protection.

Pre-coated Zinc-Titanium is used for roofing and façade cladding, to produce rainwater disposal products where it is perfectly matches other traditional construction materials. It is also excellent for Interior design, where the formation of a patina would require much more time.

It is also very popular in restoration and restructuring projects.

Zinc-Titanium is always the number one choice: its increased popularity in the construction industry is also due to the fact that it is 100% recyclable, durable and versatile.

This market has increased in recent years, while more and more designers are getting to know the benefits of this beautiful metal and its ecological advantages.

Pre-coated Zinc-Titanium is an excellent way to give an extra personal touch to architecture. It is available in a wide range of natural, warm and attractive colours to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for.

The versatility of the shades is suited to all types of architecture, which opens up new and exciting opportunities for designers. The shiny and iridescent effects combine contemporary design and tradition.

Whether you are owners, architects, designers or contractors, the next time you can choose a specific metal, think of Zinc-Titanium!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an ecological material that creates no reaction in contact with other elements and does not deteriorate. Sustainability is a key requirement in choosing construction materials, and their possible repercussions on the environment are increasingly considered.

Thanks to its elevated durability, stainless steel is highly recommended in sheet metal work for construction.

The cost-benefits of stainless steel are particularly evident: it is very resistant to ageing, highly durable, needs no maintenance and has an absolute and valid aesthetic look.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is a laminate composed of a heart of steel coated in zinc.

This metal joins the resistance capacity of iron and the resistance of zinc to corrosion.

The corrosion resistance is directly proportional to the thickness of the zinc-coating.

Pre-Painted Steel

Galvanised and pre-painted steel, commonly called pre-painted sheet metal, is ideal for the production of sheet metal work in general, roof coverings with various laying techniques and for façade cladding, due to its characteristics.

A pre-painted steel product is generally composed of three elements: a sub-layer in steel with zinc based coating, a layer of paint called primer, and a surface layer of paint, in a vast range of colours, called finish.


Lead has a very long history in the construction sector. It has been used for thousands of years because it is widely available, easy to extract, easy to work, highly malleable and easy to melt.

It is 100% recyclable, resists atmospheric corrosion and develops an insoluble silver grey oxide layer on the surface that protects it.

Lead is a construction material that ensures longevity and zero maintenance if installed correctly. It is used for all types of buildings, from the average house to a mansion, from churches to cathedrals and from castles to palaces.

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