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Silex panels

Quality is deeply rooted in experience, research and innovation
SILEX is the division of the NAV-System Group that produces PIR and PUR insulating panels and sandwich panels for thermal insulation.

Since 1960, SILEX has contributed to the evolution of industrial thermal insulation offering solutions that merge high-quality raw materials, sustainability of production processes and energy efficiency.

SILEX produces its insulated panels entirely in Italy to guarantee the highest level of performance in terms of insulation and durability. Each phase of the process is closely monitored and controlled to ensure compliance with international regulations.

To date, the company works on an area of 40,000m² and 12,000 of these are indoors, where it avails of innovative machinery and two production lines. The facility also includes a research and development department that contributes to the design of cutting-edge insulated panels.

NAV SYSTEM was the first in Italy to certify its insulated panels according to standard Bs1, d0 reaction to fire.

SILEX polyurethane panels set the standard in the industrial thermal insulation sector thanks also to a Qualified Research Laboratory, accredited by M.I.U.R. (Ministry of Universities and Research) and made public on the Official Gazette, year 141, issue 285 of 06/12/2000.

All this makes SILEX polyurethane panels unparalleled points of reference able to guarantee longer-lasting performance.

Climax Panels

Climax panels are the most complete and effective solution for the protection of your property. Guaranteed, unique, safe, Italian.

Highest quality and guaranteed protection are at the heart of Climax, the new generation of insulation panels with a high PIR index, designed to give your property the utmost protection over time.

Against fire

Against oxidation and perforation of the supports thanks to the high quantity
of zinc covering the metal surfaces that make up the panel.

For thermal and mechanical performances thanks to the innovative and unique
features of our formula and the added pigments.


Certified Quality and Sustainable Protection, Climax panels are produced from recycled PET material and can be reused in a perspective of circular economy, thereby ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Our production process adopts the latest technologies and is 100% Made in Italy. In addition, all panels are subject to constant quality control and are guaranteed by the CE mark.

That’s why Climax panels provide you a complete, reliable and safe solution for the protection and insulation of all types of buildings.


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