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Skylights and Domes

Exey offers single unit and continuous module skylights with all related accessories, domes, special openings and smoke and heat control system.

Domes, large surfaces, tubular skylights

The products included in this family, while being able to be combined with ventilation systems and (in the case of continuous single domes only) for the natural evacuation of smoke and heat, perform the main function of natural lighting of the premises, reducing their energy consumption.

The Circular Domes thanks to their size that allows them to cover vast areas (from a minimum of 9.61 m2 up to a maximum of A 78.50 m2) and clean architectural lines these domes are used for natural lighting in atriums, public buildings, covered markets, shopping malls, greenhouses, bars, parks and gardens and exhibition centers for displaying machinery and materials.

The continuous single domes, designed and made to measure, can respond to any need to cover new or existing buildings.

Even the Tubular Skylights, although characterized by standard dimensions, thanks to flexible ducting systems allow the transfer of natural light in the internal rooms that do not have openings to the outside.

Single Unit Skylights

Single unit skylights are generally used in prefabricated building to provide overhead lighting and ventilation as well as to optimize aesthetic
and architectural features.

Rectangular, square and circular skylights can be opened with all manual and electrical devices and belong to the Tecnocupole Pancaldi range for natural ventilation or access to the cover.

Rectangular and square single unit skylights can also be fitted with natural smoke and heat exhaust devices.

Continuous Module Skylights

Introduced at the same time as the prefabricated structures and sized in accordance with typical standard prefabrication modules, they achieve their function of lighting, airing and natural smoke and heat control in case of fire as well as optimizing aesthetic and architectural features.

Thanks to the option to connect modules it is possible to reach nearly any length. The LMCXT continuous module is made up of intermediary modules and terminal heads achieved by thermoforming compact or honeycomb polycarbonate or compact Plexiglas and come in single, double or single wall with additional canopied wall versions, to meet all thermal insulation needs.

Fixing Systems

There are four possible solutions of guaranteed fixing systems to the zenith skylights, they differ to guarantee the best performance for each product configuration.


The bases constitute the connecting element between the roof and the skylight or the opening frame, if present. Its function is to guarantee the watertightness of the finished product, therefore it must be designed to adapt to the type of roof on which it works.

Opening Systems

All zenithal skylights can be used for natural ventilation through the use of manual or electric opening devices applied to aluminum or fiberglass windows.

Special Openings

Special openings can be applied for ventilation and natural evacuation of smoke and heat.

Smoke and Heat Control System

Smoke and heat control systems have the goal of eliminating and containing the spread of smoke and heat in the concerned ambient from fire by keeping
a layer on the ground free of smoke.

These systems must be designed and produced in compliance with the UNI 9494 standard which distinguishes between two types of solutions:

  • NSHES: Natural smoke and heat exhaust systems
  • SHEVS:  forced smoke and heat exhaust systems

In detail these systems pursue the following objectives:

  • To keep exits and access to the areas affected by the fire free of smoke
  • To delay and/or prevent the conditions causing the fire to spread (“flash-over”)
  • Ease fire-fighting intervention team operations
  • Limit damage to systems and goods
  • Reduce heat demand in the structures
  • Reduce damages caused by toxic or corrosive substances stemming from the combustion

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