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Services Exey is specialised in products and services for sheet metal workers


Exey provides entrepreneurs, installers and sheet metal workers with solutions to install architectural metal systems in zinc, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and other metals in a quick, efficient and proper manner.


Exey offers a complete range of fall protection systems and safety devices to protect workers who work at a height. We organise education and training courses in our facility and issue a Certificate of Professional Qualification.


Exey is the ideal solution for those looking to roof or restructure the roof of their home. We develop your project, guaranteeing transparency in all phases, technical expertise, quality and respect for deadlines and costs.


We assist you in your public, private or contract projects. Exey provides support in the design phase and in the choice of technical solutions as the only intermediary for purchase services, as well as logistic, delivery and assembly activities.

Exey is a point of reference of the sector.

Passion, courtesy, professionalism, ongoing search for innovation and excellence and after-sales assistance, are the core values of a company dedicated entirely to offering quality and efficient products and services. That is why Exey stands out as an important point of reference on the market.

A consolidated business reality, a wealth of knowledge and traditions to serve clients, a forty-five-year-long history, during which two generations of our family have set up and developed our company.

The founder, Mario Ruoso, takes his first steps in the sheet metal sector in the mid Seventies, opening his first store. In 2008, his son Manuel continues his father’s activity, expanding the sales areas and innovating the product range, with the same spirit and dedication.

All-round consulting

A competent, motivated team, with a decade of experience and one goal: assist the client at every stage of the work process providing technical consulting and strategic support.

Important Partnerships

Exey has been able to seize the new opportunities of the market, establishing important partnerships and consolidating existing ones.


We are actively committed to respecting the environment. We promote the use of environmentally-friendly products that guarantee maximum reliability while respecting the environment during their life cycle.

Certified Products

We distribute, import and export materials and products from the best Italian, European and International producers, and that is why we have selected a range of products certified to the strictest European standards.

Durability and reuse

Residential and commercial construction will increasingly use only durable and reusable products.

Why choose Exey?

Exey is Unique.

We listen to and understand the exact needs of clients and help them achieve their goals.

Establishing strong, positive, open and honest relationships is of paramount importance and it has always helped us to stand out and maintain our clients’ trust.

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