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Polycarbonate Systems and Sheets

Polycarbonate is an innovative engineering plastic that is also versatile due to its transparency, good thermal insulation and impact strength.

Polycarbonate is a lightweight material that is used in the construction industry to reduce building costs while guaranteeing compliance with positive and negative wind load requirements.

A key feature of polycarbonate is its transparency. The use of natural lighting, achieved by installing translucent polycarbonate roofing and walls, creates a more comfortable ambience while also ensuring good thermal insulation.

Polycarbonate can be suitably tinted to modulate light transmission, optimise shading and thus reduce overheating inside the building. Coloured pigments are used to achieve pleasant colour effects to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic and architectural requirements.

We supply an extensive range of products for use in the construction of translucent roofing and walls, skylights, fixed and openable insulated windows.

Our continuous research has led to the development of a series of steel and aluminium accessories to complete the range. These are designed to make installation simple and safe and ensure compliance with the applicable fire and load strength ratings and safety of building requirements.

Our products are all certified to the latest thermal insulation and energy saving standards.

Polycarbonate has good resistance to most chemicals with which it is likely to come into contact during normal use.

Specific tests are recommended for applications where the material is likely to come into contact with aggressive chemicals. It is essential to verify their compatibility prior to use.